"Becoming a Bob Ross certified instructor allowed me to combine my two greatest loves, painting and teaching. I am overjoyed to see a first time student complete a painting they can display with pride." -Barbara Powell

Barbara Powell is a Certified Ross Instructor® who teaches classes in the Bob Ross® methods of landscapes, floral and wildlife painting. Her painting classes are held in Hagertown, MD.

Barb currently offers a painting classes every Thursday in one of the Bob Ross® methods using oil paints at the Hobby Lobby in Hagerstown. Classes are specially suited for beginners; no previous experience is required.

Landscape Oil Painting Classes.After just one class you will have your own masterpiece, something you may have never thought possible.

Barb teaches The Bob Ross Wet-on-Wet Technique® as seen on public television in "The Joy of Painting"®. Using the Bob Ross method anyone can learn to create a masterpiece using oils on canvas.

Barb is a Certified Ross Instructor® in three Bob Ross® Methods. You can learn to paint landscapes, wildlife, or floral scenes, each painting class features a different painting. Choose from one of Barb's upcoming painting classes, sign up, and complete your own master piece in just one class!

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